First impressions make a significant impact on a buyer’s decision-making process!

Once your home goes on the market, it becomes a product. Home Staging allows us to highlight the best features of your home and de-emphasize its flaws. It’s about turning your home into a model, to appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers in Ottawa 


  • Your house will sell faster
  • Your pictures will stand out
  • Your house may sell for more money

Home staging services can cost home sellers between $300 to $2,000 for an initial design consultation, a complete home staging plan and follow up consultations. The cost depends on the size of your home, where you live, the price of your property and the amount of time involved making a customized home staging plan for you. 


Peter and Patricia offer to their home sellers FREE home staging services. That’s right! A free consultation, plan, and support during all the home staging process, available at no cost when you list your home for sale with them. 

Patricia’s eye for detail helped us perfectly stage our home and the photos she took were amazing! What service!! Both times our houses sold within days and the most recent one for above asking!

Cherie Rowcliffe

Aftersales Marketing Manager, Nissan Canada

The extra tools you use to get your listings sold are obviously very effective as our home had an offer on it before it even appeared on the national real estate website. Patricia was awesome at giving us tips and tricks to get the most money for our home with her staging and renovation recommendations.

The Pembletons

Click image for full size

The picture above shows a living room before home staging and after home staging by Patricia. This house sold with multiple offers. Patricia also provided decorative accessories to enhance the feel and look of most living spaces (bathrooms, living room, dining room, bedrooms, etc.).

Renting with Pets in Ontario

Renting with Pets in Ontario

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