A coach house (separated second house) is now permitted in any lot in Ottawa also containing a detached or semi-detached house, linked detached, townhouse or duplex dwelling, under certain rules.
For example, the coach house has to be built in the backyard of the principal home and must be smaller than the primary home.
The size, floor area, function and occupancy of the coach house in the urban area is not intended to exceed that of a typical two-bedroom apartment. The Zoning By-law will limit the size of the coach house as well as its height.

Why is that great? For investors: You can buy a house with a space for a coach house and increase your monthly rents and cash low. For home owners: A coach house in your backyard might become extra income, as renting it out could help pay the mortgage. For Seniors: Could move in next to family members, or downsize from a too-big main house to a coach house.

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